On your website, you probably installed a template so your content is always formatted the same way and respects some graphic rules. You can do the same thing for a Newsletter so once your own template is created, you will simply add some content in the main area of your template and you're done. AcyMailing will automatically install 4 templates but you can create as many templates as you want.


Search and Sort

  • Search Area : this text input alow you to search a campaign.
  • Tags : with this input you can display the campaign with a particular tag.
  • Sort by : this one alow you to sort your campaigns by id, name, sending date, creation date, draft, active, scheduled, sent.
  • Status : just below the Sort by the status display only the campaigns with the status selected.


This is the listing of your templates. If you want to delete one template, just hover it and click on delete. To edit a template click on it.

Create a template

There is two way to create a template : AcyEditor and HTML.
The AcyEditor is the brand new editor of AcyMailing, it's a drag and drop editor. See Drag and Drop Editor.
HTML is the other way to create a template, if you choose that one you will have the current editor on your CMS like TinyMCE or an other.

Edit Template

This page is the where you can edit your template and his information.

  • Template name : The name of the template.
  • Subject : The subject of the template. The subject is'nt required, if you set it, the campaign set with this template will take the template subject.
  • Type : The type of your template they are three types : Standard, Welcome, Unsubscribe. Welcome and Unsubscribe are not available for campaigns.
  • Tags : If you want to add tags for your template.
  • Start from : This button allow you to choose an existing template and create a new one with it. Like a copy of it.
    A popup will appear :
    You just have to select a template, note that if you choose a template who is not AcyEditor it will reload the page instead of just chaging the template.

Below thoose information there is a preview of the template with a button to edit it.
Note that if you choose to create a template with HTML you will have this :

AcyEditor, Drag and Drop Editor

Once you clicked on Edit Template the editor show up. This brand new editor make responsive template and for the css we use foundation for email.
On the right of the editor this is the template and on the left this is all the blocks, contents, settings of the template.
Above the editor on the top left corner the two icons of computer and phone are the preview of your template.
The button cancel erase all the modifications since the last save.
The button Apply redirect you on the previous page and update the preview but note that button don't save your template, to save it click on Save or Save and exit.


This part of the editor is where you can add content of your template and add new blocks.


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This part of the editor is the settings of your template.

  • Background color : To change the background color of your template, by default it's grey.
  • Below you can choose a specific tag of text in p, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 and change the font family, the size, bold or not, italic or not and the color of it.
  • The last button : Add style sheet allow you to add css to your template.