This article will explain you how you can use AcyMailing on a Multi-lingual website.


First of all, AcyMailing follows the Joomla rules to handle language files so if you change your website language, AcyMailing will also appear in this language if the AcyMailing language file exists.


We decided to not give the possibility to translate the Newsletter itself but we enable you to display a mailing list only for some website languages.

That way, you will be able to subscribe the user to different lists depending on the currently selected website language.
And then, you will be able to manage your lists independently, with different welcome messages, different campaigns, different unsubscription confirmations, different Newsletters...


Using one of our paid version

If you use one of our commercial versions (AcyMailing Enterprise or Essential) and you edit an AcyMailing list, you will be able to specify the languages on which you want the list to be visible.

This configuration will be applied to the AcyMailing subscription module, the component subscription and the archive section.

You can use this method with any other multi-lingual Joomla component.

  • Click on the AcyMailing lists menu and create a new list
Menu list Create a new list
  • At the bottom of the list edition, you should see a language area.
    This area is only displayed if you have more than one Joomla language installed on your website.

Language selection

  • By default, the option "all" will be selected which means that the list will always be displayed, independently of the website language.
  • If you select the option "custom", the list of all your languages installed on your website will appear and you will be able to select which one you want the list to be displayed on.
  • That's the only thing you have to do and this parameter will be applied to your module, to your archive section, to the automatic subscription... If your user browses your website in French then he will see and be subscribed to the lists configured to be displayed with the French language.

Using Joom!Fish

If you use one of our commercial versions, you should rather use the previous solution which will enable you to also display your archive lists only on some website languages.

If you use AcyMailing Starter, the easiest way to subscribe the user to different lists depending on his language will be to duplicate the module with Joom!Fish and apply a different configuration depending on the language.

    • Click on the menu Joom!Fish -> Translation

JoomFish translation

    • Select the language you want to apply a different configuration and select the content elements : Module.

JoomFish component

    • Select the AcyMailing module

Translate JoomFish

  • You will be able to translate everything using this interface but the most powerful options will be the parameters visible lists and Automatically subscribe to.
    You will be able to specify a different configuration for those two parameters so that the user will be subscribed to different lists if he browses your website using a different language.

Edit Module

  • Don't forget to publish your translations in Joom!Fish