A dynamic team with the same goal ... create great components with fresh ideas !


Our story in a few words

A love story with Joomla !


E-mail marketing is probably the most powerful way to create customer relationships.
However, If it's not handled correctly, it can also kill a business relationship.

Our idea : make your life easier with a simple and reliable component.


After some frustrating years using inefficient newsletter components, we decided to develop our own.

We took everything we loved from existing newsletter components, added our own experience, and after several months of development, we released this ingenious and user-friendly service.


Since the beginning, it was clear for us that
AcyMailing will be created on Joomla !

Joomla! is not only the best CMS because of its core team; Joomla! is empowered by all the third-party extensions, professional or not, which add so many functions to any website.


Because it’s also YOUR component, we decided to open AcyMailing to any addition using a powerful tag system.

Any developer can develop a plugin for AcyMailing, for his needs or for the community's to personalize it.
The possibilities are unlimited!


Based on the AcyMailing success we launched in 2013 AcySMS. A new component which enables websites to send follow-up campaigns, auto-responders, newsletters, promotions, deals, automated messages... via SMS.

This project is growing up fast but don’t worry, the Acy team likes challenges and still has a lot of ideas to develop !

AcyMailing around the world

A wonderful community


AcyMailing it’s also a worldwide community of users who follow the project since its beginning and encourage us to do always more !
Some people took part in the development of AcyMailing and we would like to say a big "Thank you" to them.


Acyba.com Website Charlotte Vialle
AcyMailing Icons Benjamin Caubere & Charlotte Vialle
Newsletter Templates Benjamin Caubere & Charlotte Vialle
Languages Files
Arabic - Algeria Ammar Arwany
Bosnian Adnan Kurtović
Brazilian - Portuguese Luiz Felipe Weber & Lucas Winkler Angeli
Bulgarian Kiril Yovev
Chinese - Simplified Zhang Haijun
Chinese - Traditional Zhang Haijun
Croatian Teo Kovačević
Czech Roman Siansky
Danish Mads Andersen
Dutch Marcel & Marc Beelen
Estonian Veiko
English Deirdre Vaughan
Finnish Rami Louke
French Romain Baillivet
German Stefan Halbscheffel
Greek Stonebug
Hebrew Yair Lahav
Hungarian goyo - Simony József & Ferenc Pasztor
Italian Maurizio Calarese & Andrea Sanavia
Japanese Masato Sato
Latvian Aivars Ostrovskis
Norwegian Kim Andresen
Persian Ali Noori
Polish Marek Kolka
Portuguese - Portuguese Pedro Quental & Paulo Matos
Romanian Catalin Istrate & Sorin Hopirtean
Russian Serji Motienko
Serbian - Cyrillic Rade Nikčević
Serbian - Latin Marin Barjaktarovic
Sindhi M Suleman
Slovak Ludvik Burian & Lumiere Design
Slovenian Venčeslav Rejec
Spanish Romain Filippi & Jose & Lucas Winkler Angeli
Spanish - Mexico Ernesto Chávez
Swahili Hassan Abdalla (Ayeko)
Swedish Jörgen Sjöholm & Anna Robinson - formfranska
Turkish Kaya Zeren
Ukrainian Joomla! Ukraine
Urdu Muhammad Shakir
E-mail PHP Mailer
Charts Google Charts
and of course... Joomla!


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