2016, 22 June : AcySMS 3.1 release
To assure a high level of security, the “Lagune” version of AcySMS allows you to control the identity of your subscribers via SMS and save time when creating messages. 
Here are some of the new features present in this new version. 

URL reducer

You should probably know that AcySMS currently allows to insert URL in your message body by using the tag system. But the tag replacement by the URL was problematic. Indeed, the URL is - most of the time - really long and this might impact the price of your messages.

Let's imagine you would like to insert a link to your new and fresh article like this one :
77 characters are taken for the URL, that's half of the maximum number of characters allowed for a single message...

This is definitely too much for a single URL and we had to find a solution for this. That's why we added a new option in the AcySMS configuration page in order to shorten the links inserted by AcySMS in your message body. 

Using this option your URL will be shortened and you will not waste precious characters anymore! 



Order validation & registration via SMS

After having released a first version of this feature, we decided to rewrite the whole plugin in order to make it more simple. 
This way we will now be able to add phone number verification on almost every form you need and you will ask for. 
This plugin now allows to resend the verification code, verify the Community Builder subscription and he is more stable. 

Feel free to try it and let us know what do you think about this new feature which will definitely help you to improve security on your website and make sure you will have a clean database! 


Credits counter

How many times did you ask yourself about your current balance ? Will my SMS campaign be sent or will I run out of credits before the end of the campaign? 

The problem is now over thanks to the new AcySMS balance area. 
Displayed in the menu this new part will help you to consult your current balance every time you want. 
This will give you the possibility to be sure all your SMS will be sent and you will be able to see when you will need to purchase credits! 

We're pretty sure that you will like this new time-saving feature!

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