Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a one-time or a monthly fee?

Once purchased, you can use AcyMailing or AcySMS for as long as you want with no additional fee.
You can download our upcoming versions for free for one year after your order.
After one year, you can renew your subscription to continue to get new versions, support and extra services (our web cron) but if you don't, you can still use your version of AcyMailing.

Can I install AcyMailing / AcySMS on several websites with a single license?

You can install our extensions on as many websites as you want, only our web-cron service, auto-updates and support are limited to one website per license.
You can opt for our AcyMailing Multi-site pack to get support, web-cron and auto-updates for as many websites as you want.

What's a web-cron service?

To execute automatic tasks, AcyMailing / AcySMS has to be triggered regularly (let's say every 15 minutes).
You have to set up what we call a "cron task" to do that. It may be complicated to set it up on your server so we decided to develop a "web cron" service so you simply have to click on a single button from your AcyMailing configuration page to enable it.
You can find more information about it on our cron documentation page.

Can I change my license to another website url?

You can attach your license to the website you want and change it at any time you want via your account.

Can I easily upgrade to a paid version?

Yes, you should simply install the new version on your website.
You don't have to uninstall your current version and you won't lose data.
All your newsletter/subscribers/lists/configuration will stay intact.

I purchased AcyMailing Essential, can I switch to Enterprise?

Yes, you can easily switch from one version to another and pay only the difference.
You can do that via your account.
Just like the update process, you won't lose your data when upgrading.

Can I get an invoice from my order?

The invoice is automatically attached to your order confirmation email so you will receive it as soon as your order is confirmed.
You can also print it at any time you want via your account.

VAT or not VAT? Will I pay taxes?

We are located in France so we follow the European Union VAT rules which means that:

  • If you are located in France, you will pay 20% taxes (regardless the fact you are a company or not... but you can get it back if you're a company)
  • If you are located in a European Union country and didn't specify your VAT number on the checkout process, your own country tax rate will be added
  • If you are located in a European Union country and specified your VAT number on the checkout process, you will pay our products tax free
  • If you are located out of the European Union, the price will always be tax free

What payment method do you accept?

  • You can pay via Paypal for all currencies
  • You can pay via Credit Card if you selected the Euro currency
  • If you're located within the European Union and you selected the Euro currency, you will also be able to pay via bank transfer

Can I use the WordPress and the Joomla version at the same time?

No unless you have several AcyMailing Enterprise licenses or a Multi-site one, you can only use one package at a time.