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1/ Install it!

Well, that's an easy part... AcySMS is an all-in-one package so you simply have to install the main package on your Joomla website and you're done.

Same thing for the update, simply install it via the Joomla extensions manager, you don't have to uninstall your current version and you won't lose data.

2/ Configure AcySMS

Set up your sender profile

Select your user management system

AcySMS can manage its own users but you can also plug it to other components so it will use the phone field and additional information from the other component.
Access the AcySMS configuration page to select the user management systems you want to use with AcySMS.

If you use the AcySMS users management, you can import and export your users.

3/ Create and send your SMS

Access the message menu and create a new SMS from there.

On the preview screen, you can select the way you want to send this SMS.
It can be an automatic SMS (which will be sent at different times for each user, birthday SMS, order confirmation, reminders...) or a standard SMS sent immediately or at a scheduled time in the future.

You can include personal information in your SMS so each user will receive its own personalized SMS.

4/ Manage delivery reports

Depending on your SMS provider, AcySMS can handle delivery reports so you will know who received your SMS or not.

5/ Manage SMS answers

Depending on your SMS provider, AcySMS can handle SMS answers so if a user replies to your SMS, you will see it on the AcySMS answers interface.

You can configure AcySMS to execute automatic actions based on the content of the received answer.


A few examples of what you can do with AcySMS... Step by step...

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