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This plugin enables you to insert in your Newsletter one or several products from HikaShop. You can search in all your products and then click on one of the products to include it in your Newsletter.

It will replace the generated tag by the name, the price (with or without VAT based on your plugin configuration) the main picture and the short description or the full description of your product (based on your configuration).

You can also use this plugin in an auto-Newsletter or in a Newsletter to include a series of products based on the HikaShop categories.
For example, you can create an auto-Newsletter and include a tag to send the newly created products belonging to one or several categories.

This plugin enables you to generate and include in your Newsletter a personal HikaShop Coupon. For each receiver, the plugin will first add a new coupon in HikaShop and then include it in your Newsletter.


This plugin is available in HikaShop Essential and Business and works with all the versions of AcyMailing..



  • You can use the HikaShop plugin to insert HikaShop articles in your Newsletter

HikaShop Products


    • You can also use the HikaShop plugin to insert your newly created articles in an auto-Newsletter

HikaShop Categories


    • You can also use the HikaShop plugin to generate coupons in an newsletter

HikaShop Coupon

  • Code : This field indicates the code your visitor will have to enter to use the coupon on your shop.
    You can include in this coupon code tags which will be replaced during the send process :
    • [name] : will be replaced by the name of your user
    • [clean_name] : will be replaced by the name of your user which will be uppercased and cut up to the first space
    • [key] : will be replaced by a random key of 5 characters
    • [value] : will be replaced by the value of your coupon (you can directly replace it by the value of your coupon as it will be the same)
    • [subid] : will be replaced by the receiver's ID
    • [email] : will be replaced by the receiver's e-mail address
    • You can also add any string if you want... the coupon code "discountFor[name]" will be replaced by "dicountForJohn" during the send process.
  • Flat amount : You can enter the value of your coupon. It must be a numeric value. Alternatively, you can enter a percentage in the field below
  • Percentage : You can enter enter a percentage so that the coupon will grant a discount based on the order total amount.
  • Start date : You can enter a starting date for the coupon and it won't be usable before that date.
  • End date : You can enter an end date for the coupon and it won't be usable after that date.
  • Minimum order value : You can enter here a minimum amount under which the coupon can't be used.
  • Quota : You can enter here a quota for each coupon generated (for example, if you want to generate one coupon per person, and that one person can only use it once).



HikaShop product parameters

  • Add the VAT to the price : If you select to include the VAT, the price of the product will be displayed included the VAT.
  • Only products in stock : You can filter the products displayed to only show the ones in stock.


Customize your product template

By default, AcyMailing will display your product like the following screenshot:


preview products


You can change the styles used for the product title and the product area by editing your AcyMailing template.


You can also modify the way your product is displayed by creating your own template which will be used to render the product.
Please follow those instructions, we don't recommend you to modify the hikashop plugin directly otherwise your changes will be overwritten when you update HikaShop.

Create a file in the the folder media / com_acymailing / plugins (if the folder does not exists, please create it first).
(Before AcyMailing 1.7.0, the file was located in components / com_acymailing / templates / plugins)
The name of the file should be hikashop_product.php
If this file is available on your server, AcyMailing will use it and won't use the default one.

On this file you can access to the element $product (which is the product object loaded from the hikashop_product table).

You can display:

  • the name of your product: $product->product_name
  • the description of your product: $product->product_description
  • the price of your product: $finalPrice
  • the product picture :  $image = hikashop_get('helper.image'); echo $image->display($product->file_path,false,$product->product_name);
  • the url of your product: $link
Using all those variables, you can create your own product template.
For example:
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<div class="acymailing_content">
<h2><?php echo $product->product_name.' '.$finalPrice; ?></h2>
<?php echo $product->product_description; ?>

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