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This plugin enables you to display an AcyMailing list selection on your JomSocial registration form.

You can download this JomSocial plugin and install/publish it like a standard Joomla plugin.

This plugin will only work with AcyMailing 1.3.0 or newer version.

Since AcyMailing 4.1.0, this plugin is not useful any more, you should use our default registration plugin (installed by default), it works with JomSocial as well.


Install the plugin

  • Log in to your backend and click on the menu "Extensions -> Install / Uninstall".
  • Browse for the AcyMailing plugin you just downloaded and then click on the button "Upload File & Install".
  • You should now see the AcyMailing JomSocial plugin in the list of plugins. Don't forget to publish this plugin.
  • This plugin requires the AcyMailing Joomla registration plugin to be enabled.



You can edit the parameters of this plugin via the Joomla Plugin Manager or the AcyMailing Configuration page.

AcyMailing Jomsocial params


  • Lists displayed on registration form : You can also decide to display your list on the JomSocial registration form so the user will be able to select or not the lists during his registration. In that case, please don't add the same lists on the parameter "auto-subscribe to" of the Joomla registration plugin otherwise the user will be subscribed to the list anyway (please remember this Joomla registration plugin should stay enabled).
  • Lists checked by default : You can configure AcyMailing to check the lists displayed on your JomSocial registration form or not...
  • Subscribe Caption : This text will be displayed on your JomSocial registration form (if you display some lists). By default the text "Subscribe :" will be displayed in the current language but you can customize it the way you want if needed.
  • Display the lists after : You can display your lists at the end of the JomSocial registration form or just after the field "E-mail".


JomSocial registration


JomSocial registration email




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